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The Food

We partnered with 63 acres for our own spec of trimmed and hand cut brisket. 63 acres is a southern BC brand of Angus cross raised Beef hand cut by local craft Cutters in the Fraser Valley. We use it for all our Smoked beef. All we add is salt, pepper, time, and sweet smoke anywhere from 8-10 hours depending on the size, outside temp and how Hank is feeling!


We have local butchers making all our Sausages fresh and in small batches. We utilize trim for our farm partners, 63 acres, Fraser Valley pork producers, paired with premium herbs, spices, and produce. We then smoke for at least 2 hours, and produce some of the best smoke rings.


We smoke lots of Ribs, Baby back and St louis’ style, and then the Texas Classic Big Bad Dino Bones, the Dino Bones are from 63 acres and come from the front of the cow, long big and heavy. We smoke anywhere from 5-8 hours depending on size and style. Always salt, pepper, time, and smoke only.

When we started Rosie’s, it was all about the smoker. We began in our yard with a small side pit smoker which grew to two side pit smokers, which were later replaced by two vertical smokers from Texas.

We always knew that we wanted a high-capacity smoker trailer which we could use to expand our operations and bring along to big events. So, we kept our eyes on the for-sale boards and we found “Hank” for sale in Austin, Texas. BBQ fanatic Tony had built Hank with the help of his brother repurposing a 500-gallon propane tank from Johnson City, Texas and an acetylene tank that was well over 100 years old.

With a story like that, we knew Hank was our new smoker even before we’d fired him up for the first time. We love a good road trip, so we drove over 6000 miles round trip to meet Tony and bring Hank back to Vancouver, and the smooth burn and even smoke is already upping our game.


BBQ brings people together, and over BBQ you create lifelong friends, and Tony will be one of those people.

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What people are saying about us...

"Brisket made me feel like I was at home in Texas."

—  Brandon, from Texas

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